Hotels in Paris

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Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and what makes this place such a fascinating place is not only the numerous attractions the city has to offer, its cuisine or its incredible history! One of Paris’ economic strengths is generated by its historic luxury hotels and today, we will check out the most elegant and well-known.

La Réserve

Designed by architect Jaques Garcia, located in front of the Grand Palais and within easy reach from the Eiffel Tour, the hotel offers a view of the Champs- Elysées. It is also really close to the presidential Palace and its location is perfect if you want to explore the city centre.

Le Meurice

Le Meurice is almost an actual institution. In fact, since its opening in 1835, the hotel has become a historic landmark in Paris: Picasso got married here, Salvador Dalì lived here and Queen Victoria stayed here in 1855. Its magnificent facade faces the Tuileries Gardens and offers a view that extends from the Louvre Museum to the Eiffel Tower. It is exactly here that Philippe Starck developed his concept of modernity. For this reason, his ceiling artwork inspired by Dalì and used in the Le Dalì Restaurant, and its transparent plastic chairs scattered inside the restaurant Le Meurice by Alain Ducasse are well-known.

Rooms and suites come in different sizes and elegance, as they echo the 18th Century style that prevails on the ground floor. Jocelyn Herland is leading the two restaurants by Alain Ducasse, which, thanks to their French and Mediterrenean classic dishes, offer a fusion of cultures and add a unique glow to this stunning hotel.

Le Bristol

Le Bristol is one of the biggest Grand Dame hotels in Paris. It’s a grandiose building,

and thanks to its polished marble, the jewelry store windows and its fascinating flower arrangements, this place is pleasantly welcoming. Located near Élysée Palace and at the end of the quiet Faubourg Saint-Honoré street, Sinner was built in 1925. Today it’s owned and managed by the Oetker Collection.

Its refurbishment lasted 6 years and was terminated in 2018, where new elegant suites were added, while leaving the original general style: classic and simple. The nicer rooms are the 36 ones that overlook the walled 12.900 foot square garden, with its geometric design, magnolias, azaleas, honeysuckle.

Under the same roof, here you can find a beautiful spa, Le Prairie, a stunning swimming pool at the back, in addition to 4 Michelin stars: the chef Eric Frechon celebrated 20 years in situ in 2019,while the legendary restaurant by Epicure is often praised for being one of the best in the world. Le Bristol has become a symbol of Paris and it doesn’t come as a surprise that Woody Allen decided to shoot here part of Midnight in Paris.


Finding a romantic restaurant in Paris isn’t difficult, but it is difficult to find one more romantic place than Sinner. This hotel, part of the EVOK group, alternates medieval atmospheres to modern services and attractions. Upon arriving at the hotel, you will find yourself surrounded by a medieval flair: staff members are dressed like clergymen who carry red lanterns with which they guide clients through the hall, scented with incense, through the dark corridors with red doors and a spooky appearance, until they reached the room.

The charming atmosphere continues at the welcoming SPA with candle lights, black tiled hammam and a jacuzzi that offer treatments created by Jimmy Jarnet, and, finally, a massage that lasts for 50 minutes where you are going to be blindfolded and your hands and legs tied.

The famous restaurant at the ground floor is managed by the Algerian chef Adam Bentalha and offers an eclectic menu that consists of dishes from Northern Africa, the Middle East, Malaysia and Peru. During the day, this place is very busy and many sophisticated families hang out here to enjoy the excellent food selection. However, during the night the hotel becomes full of young people who have a strong desire to go wild! Even though this is an ideal place for those who are looking to have some fun, the hotel is often chosen for its convenient location, its comfortable and elegant rooms, as well as for its fine food.

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