Terms of use


Provided that: Parigirando carries out Guided Tours and Interpretation Services, with registered office in 24, Rue Danton, 93310 Le Prè Saint Gervais, France with Ministerial Authorisation n° GC 1394127P, N.

SIRET 799 22024900012.


Parigirando proposes to its customers a wide range of tourist services (transport, ticket purchase and reservation) directly from the Parigirando website. The general conditions of sale, specified below, define the relation between Parigirando and its customers. Reservations and purchase orders carried out throughout this website, imply the full acceptance of these general sale conditions  and the payment of the due amounts according to the reservations made.


1.1   The use of Parigirando must be strictly personal, for licit ends, for justified, non fraudulent and non automated requests.

1.2    The General sale conditions can be updated and modified at any time, they must be consulted regularly and they apply from their updating.

1.3 The proposed services are valid only at the conditions stated by Parigirando.

1.4   Parigirando can’t be considered responsible for information that it hasn’t disclosed.

1.5    The activities proposed reflect the tourist and cultural offer of the destinations. We won’t be responsible of any action, consumption or purchase made during the activities. We neither accept nor protect any illegal activity.


2.1 Every user is responsible for the use of Parigirando, and undertakes to provide Parigirando with accurate information. If a mistake in the compilation occurs, the user will have to immediately inform Parigirando through the following address info@parigirando.com;

Parigirando shall not be considered responsible for lacks due to incorrect information provided by the customer.

2.2  Parigirando can’t be considered responsible for direct or indirect damages, foreseeable or not, caused by a mistake of the provider who ensures the achievement of the booked services, by a reason beyond his will or his control (weather, breakdowns, strikes…) or by the customer’s use of the website Parigirando.com

2.3  Parigirando can’t ensure the availability or the proper functioning of the used servers.

2.4 Every customer is expected to obtain information about health procedures established in the country.

2.5  The information provided in the website to describe the services is merely indicative (duration of the service…) and photos are not contractual.

2.6  Every service started and left unfinished, due to the customer’s absence in the days and times agreed, will be considered as already availed and won’t be refundable.

2.7   Parigirando will not be considered responsible in case of cancellation or changes of the activities ensured by the provider.


The services proposed by Parigirando are submitted to the availabilities of its providers. For those services which are not available, neither requests nor refunding can be allowed. Every reservation will be considered effective only once the customer will have received the  confirmation from Parigirando.


4.1 Unless otherwise stated, the prices mentioned refer to the number of people specified.

4.2 Prices are likely to change without notice, and they become definitive after receiving the confirmation.

4.3 Payments can be made with currency specified, that is the local currency of the country where the activities booked take place. A currency conversion is proposed just as an indication and it doesn’t imply any engagement for Parigirando.

4.4 Group rates can be proposed on demand writing to the following e-mail address: info@parigirando.com for a minimum of participants (generally more than 25 people).


5.1 At the time of booking a downpayment of the participation fee is required; the balance will be payed cash to Parigirando Guided Tours and Interpretation Services the first day fixed for the guided tour.

5.2  To make a reservation, you have to provide for the downpayment.

5.3 Only the price of the services actually available and confirmed to the card holder will be withdrawn.  For those services booked and not available, no charge will be made.

5.4 Parigirando frees itself from every responsibility which may occur in case of a default in the transmission of the data.


6.1 The Reservation service will treat every request from its reception in the medium term of 2 days after the reservation itself; however that time is non contractual and it depends on the providers.

That time can’t be subject of any claim.


8.1 The customers of Parigirando can ask for a change of their booking (except for those services marked as “non-changeable, non-cancellable”).

8.2 Till the date of the booked service, no further charge will be demanded (except for those services marked as “non-changeable, non-cancellable” or for those corresponding to specific cancellation policy stated into the “Cancellation policy” item of every service). Parigirando reserves the right to apply the treatment costs.

8.3 Every change in the date or in the content, can’t be ensured and it will be done according to the availabilities of the Parigirando providers.

8.4 For an already made reservation, every request of change must be addressed to info@parigirando.com (stating your booking and the customer’s name), which will treat your request in the shortest time possible.

8.5 For the “non-changeable, non-cancellable” services as for certain special dates, no change is possible.


9.1 For an already accomplished reservation, the customer can demand for its cancellation at the following address info@parigirando.com (specifying the customer’s name and the date). Parigirando will treat the request in the shortest time possible.

The date of receipt will determine the date of cancellation. The services marked as “non-cancellable, non-changeable” can’t be cancelled nor changed.

As a general rule:

* For the ticketing, these services are neither refundable nor changeable.

*For the transport services area, the cancellation and change policy stated for every service must be demanded to the provider of the services.

9.2  Withdrawal from the contract of guided tour or from the Interpreting Parigirando services.

In the event of waiver of the reserved services, Parigirando will apply the following penalties, in addition to the charges and expenses incurred for the cancellation of the services:

  • 40% of the entire amount for the cancellations made up to 15 days before the date of the tour or service (interpreting, transport, ticket purchase);
  • 60% of the entire amount for the cancellations made up to 7 days before the date of the tour or service (interpreting, transport, ticket purchase);
  • 100% of the entire amount for cancellations made after the above mentioned terms; no refunding will be given to the customers who won’t be there and/or who will renounce from the tour or the service during its development;


In accordance with French law, the customer disposes of a right of access, of adjustment of the information concerning themselves.


Every  user is acknowledged that the information contained  in the website are stated as an indication and are property of Parigirando.

All rights reserved for the contents of Parigirando.com or its partner sites, in any form. Contents’ recording and playback are forbidden for all types of commercial purpose  and they are subjected to French law.


Every possible dispute will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the competent French courts.