Cafés in Paris

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You cannot visit Paris and miss on its world renowned coffee. After all, diving into the City of Lights consists of appreciating its culinary culture: espressos, pastry, red wine, bread and cheese represent one of the main highlights of your average Paris stay.

For many centuries, cafés were a key part of the capital identity: hubs of the city, ideal places to discuss politics, arts, culture or even just to watch the crowd as the world goes by.

You might be planning to dine in one the best Parisian restaurants and to visit many different attractions: do not forget to stop at one of the historic cafés of the city, known for their menus and their huge breathtaking terraces.

Let’s check out the best cafés in Paris.

La Fontaine de Belleville

With immense care, the founders of theBrûlerie de Belleville restored this 1920s bistrot while preserving its impressive mirrors, gorgeous ceilings and paintings. They remoderned this building by adding hand-painted tables and Maison Gatti chairs. Here you can definitely find an elegant taste, unique and incomparable handicrafts.


Owner of this café, Jeff Hargrove is a photographer and a coffee lover. He has the habit of regularly inviting many artists to expose their artworks and to paint directly on the wall of his café, making it aesthetically unique.

Fringe offers a menu with a variety of Parisian coffee roasters and it’s the perfect place to spend a productive afternoon, fueled by the finest caffeine.


This place has a dual nature: during the day, it is a historic Parisian café; while at night, it is a state-of-the-art cocktail bar. Its astonishing furniture in art deco style with an original counter makes this place a protected historical site and the nerve centre of Parisian life.

Ten Bells

This coffee shop owned by Thomas Lehous is located just off the Canal Saint- Martin. This place is remarkable as it has: pinewood storefront decorated with plants and herbs, a few stools on the pavement in front of the shop reserved for heavy smokers and often a long queue of people waiting to be seated inside. The food is prepared in a wonderful kitchen at the back of the building and it is managed by La Bal Café, a restaurant that takes coffee very seriously and treats it as if it were a fine wine.


Facing over the busy Place Lino Ventura di Pigalle, KBCaféShop was built with reference to typical Austrian bars, for this reason you will see on the menu many unique orders such as iced-coffee being served all year round.

République of Coffee

The Mexican chef Mario Flores will offer you a menu based on burritos and quesadillas enriched with organic seasonal vegetables that changes every week. The inside of the store is the dream of every Instagrammer: large windows, fascinating Parisian furniture, white tiled walls, mirrored ceilings and flowers on each table.

Its coffee is produced by The Beans on Fire, however the café offers special blends that will satisfy the most refined tastes.

Café du Coin

It consists of a classical bistrot decoration, a relaxing atmosphere and a masterfully executed seasonal menu: it isn’t a surprise that this place became the new landmark for Parisians who are looking for the finest coffee. From morning to evening, here people eat and drink heavily. Whether you are looking for a coffee break or real meal, Café du Coin will never disappoint you.

Le 50 – Belleville Brûlerie

This is a distinctive yet smaller place than the previous cafés. Inside it has only a couple of tables (16 seats) so it’s important to get there early or simply order a takeaway coffee. Our advice is to choose the latter and enjoy your coffee at the nearby Parc de Belleville, a place where you can peacefully have your coffee while being comfortably seated on a bench.

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